This document describes how you can customize the QuteCom to your needs.

Getting started

The easiest way to get started is to create a folder which will contains all your modifications. We will call this folder "brand" in the rest of this document.

Once your folder is created, go to the installation path of your QuteCom (C:\Program Files\QuteCom on Windows) and copy the following folders to the "brand" folder:

  • chat
  • config
  • css
  • pics
  • sounds
  • webpages

When it's done, start the QuteCom with the --resources option. This options takes one parameter: the path to your "brand" folder.

On Windows it goes like this:

c:\Program Files\QuteCom\QuteCom.exe --resources "c:\path\to\brand"

You should see the QuteCom starting as usual.

Overloading brand names

The first modification to try is to set your company and product name.

Edit the file brand/config/branding.xml and replace the value of the company and product with your own company and product names. Restart the QuteCom with the --resources options, you should see the change in the title and menu bars.

Overloading images

To overload images, go to the brand/pics folder and replace any image you like with your images. Sometimes you will need to produce an image of the same dimensions as the original, while in other places the application will adjust to the image size.

Using Qt stylesheets

You can make use of Qt stylesheets system to further customize the application look. To do so, create a file in brand/css/. It can be named like you want (you can even have several files), it only needs to have the .css extension.

Here is an example, copy-paste this to brand/css/brand.css:

/* Turn the border of all lists to red, and it's background to light gray: */

QLineEdit, QListView, QTreeView, QTextEdit {
	background-color: #eee;
	border: 1px solid red;
	color: black;

For more information, have a look at Qt Stylesheet documentation

Overloading configuration values

The brand/config/ folder contains a few XML files. We have already used branding.xml. An important file in this folder is config.xml. This file contains all the default values of the QuteCom configuration. Have a look at it, try to change some settings.

In this folder you can also find two other files:

  • imaccountparameters.xml: Contains the default settings for IM accounts
  • crashreport.xml: Contains the configuration of the crash report

Changing the binary name and creating the installer

When you are all done, you need to produce an installer for your branded version. To do so you need to:

  • Get the QuteCom source code (see GetTheSourceQuteCom)
  • Replace the qutecom/resources/ folder with your brand/ folder
  • Recompile the QuteCom (see HowToBuildFromSource), making sure to pass the option: BINARY_NAME=BrandedPhone to CMake.
    This ensures the binary you get is named BrandedPhone (BrandedPhone.exe on Windows)

On Windows, at the end of the process you should get an installer file named BrandedPhone-setup-version.exe.

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